Heater Appearances

Mark-and-Hunter-1-1024x768.jpgHeater, the official mascot of your Chico Heat, can be found all around Butte County at various appearances throughout the year in the community. 

Heater is sure to liven up any event he attends, whether it’s a charity event, festival parade or any other kind of community function!  If you would like Heater to appear at your event, please follow the procedure outlined below.

All requests for Heater appearances must be submitted in writing or via email, to the Chico Heat Game Operations Department no later than a month before the event.  If your request is granted, you will be notified in at least two weeks prior to the event.

Heater appearances are based on availability.  Team events where Heater is needed will be given first priority.  In the event that Heater is damaged in any way due to misconduct, the group or party that requested the Heater appearance will be charged to replace/fix damaged item.


For more information on how Heater can come to your event, please e-mail Regi Huber at regi.chicoheat@gmail.com